How to Use the Toki

How to Use the Toki

How to Use the Toki: A Simple Guide

The Toki is revolutionizing the way we enjoy cannabis, offering a unique and versatile smoking experience that's convenient and fun. Here's a straightforward guide on how to use it.


What You Need:

- The Toki
- A water bottle, fruit, or any object you want to turn into a smoking apparatus
- Your favorite smoking material
- A lighter


Step 1: Prepare Your Object

Choose an object like a water bottle or a piece of fruit. If it's a water bottle, make sure that the holes on the Toki are below the water/juice/whatever line. For fruits, a hollow center works best, but you can also use the Toki to poke two holes that connect within the fruit. If you want to get really creative, you can also use tape(or whatever) to make a hollow object airtight. For example if you place a few strips of tape on a cereal box it works as a pretty flavorful pipe :). The Toki is meant to encourage your stoner creativity and freedom, so have fun with it!


Step 2: Insert the Toki

Take the sharp end of the Toki and carefully insert it into your chosen object. If you're using a water bottle, make sure to poke it in slowly to ensure an airtight poke. For fruits, find a spot that allows the Toki to sit securely.


Step 3: Add and Pack the Bowl

Put the bowl onto the mouth of the Toki. Make sure it's tight and secure to prevent any material from falling through. The Toki is compatible with all 14mm bowls, so you can get creative with the bowl. Feel free to use the bowl you have at home, a dab rig, or whatever your heart desires.


Step 4: Light Up

Hold your object steady, light the material in the bowl, and inhale from the top of the object. If it’s a water bottle, the mouthpiece works well. For fruits, create a small hole at the top to serve as a mouthpiece. Make sure to be mindful of where you are putting the flame. The Toki was designed to keep the bowl away from the object you are smoking so if used correctly it will be safe, but still make sure you aren't accidentally burning whatever you are smoking out off.


Step 5: Enjoy and Clean

After use, disassemble the Toki and clean it with a standard pipe cleaner and some cleaning solution. The stainless steel design makes it easy to maintain and it won't rust so don't worry about that. If the Toki isn't too dirty, you could even throw it in a dishwasher or do the classic plastic bag with alcohol and salt trick. 


Tips for the Best Experience:

- Experiment with different objects to find your favorite smoking experience.
- Always ensure the Toki is clean for the purest taste.
- Be creative but safe with the objects you choose to use with the Toki.

The Toki is all about freedom and creativity in your smoking experience. Follow these simple steps, and you’re ready to enjoy a unique smoking experience anywhere, anytime.
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