The downstem that travels with you, the Toki is the highest quality downstem on the market that can also turn everyday items into instant 💨 devices

  • Camping & Hiking

    Venture into the wild with Toki by your side. The Toki ensures you're never without a way to enjoy nature's finest😏. Lightweight and indestructible, turn your spent water bottle into a moment of relaxation.

  • Traveling

    Travel light and stay elevated. Toki is your trusty companion for every adventure, from city breaks to beach getaways. TSA-friendly and compact, it effortlessly fits into your travel essentials✈️.

  • Privacy

    Keep it low-🔑 with Toki. Designed for those who value their privacy, it's the subtle companion for every occasion. Crafted with precision, it's the discreet accessory every stoner needs.


How does the Toki Work?

You can think of the Toki as a downstem for any object you want to smoke out of. To turn an object into a pipe/rig you just have to carefully stab the Toki into it, make sure there is enough empty space to connect the Toki to whatever you are using as your "mouthpiece", and then just use it as a rig!

How does the Toki V2 Plug work?

The Toki Plug comes with your Toki V2 and can be used as an adaptor to make your Toki fit as a downstem in your b-ng. You first take out your current downstem, push the Toki plug into the downstem hole, then you can push the Toki through the plug into your b-ng. This process will work in any standard b-ng that has a standard downstem hole, though we can't guarantee it will work on special/more unique pieces.

Can I fly with a Toki?

The Toki is fully TSA compliant and safe to fly with on US flights and while you may be stopped at security it will go through. However, be careful when travelling internationally! Different countries have different regulations and while it may be safe to board an international flight in the US with a Toki, it may not be ok to have the Toki where you are landing.

How do I clean my Toki?

The best way to clean the Toki is to fill a bag/container with alcohol and salt, and then soak and rub the Toki with your hands, a sponge or whatever you want until clean. You can also put the Toki in your dishwasher and use any cleaning solution you want as the stainless steel won't get damaged.

If you have a Toki V2 we recommend making the same cleaning solution above, and then using the cleaning tool it comes with.

Do you ship internationally?

We do! Once you put in your address at checkout, Shopify will calculate your shipping rate. We unfortunately can't offer free international shipping since it's too expensive for us.

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