From water bottles to fruits and more, Toki turns everyday items into instant 💨 devices.

  • Camping & Hiking

    Venture into the wild with Toki by your side. The Toki ensures you're never without a way to enjoy nature's finest😏. Lightweight and indestructible, turn your spent water bottle into a moment of relaxation.

  • Traveling

    Travel light and stay elevated. Toki is your trusty companion for every adventure, from city breaks to beach getaways. TSA-friendly and compact, it effortlessly fits into your travel essentials✈️.

  • Privacy

    Keep it low-🔑 with Toki. Designed for those who value their privacy, it's the subtle companion for every occasion. Crafted with precision, it's the discreet accessory every stoner needs.

We make dope designs too!

Our merch collection is made sustainably, with high quality materials, and can be worn both on the couch and at the music festival. Everything is either 100% cotton and natural or sourced ethically. We do all of our own designs, go check out some of the best "flower" merch in the game :)