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NEW Toki 2.0

NEW Toki 2.0

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The best downstem a stoner can have. Period.

Elevate your smoking arsenal with the Toki 2.0, our innovative stainless steel downstem designed for ultimate versatility and portability. 

The Toki 2.0 is both a high-quality 4 inch(10.16cm) adjustable downstem for your b-ng at home, as well as a creative tool that can be used to create b-ngs out of everyday objects like water bottles, fruit, etc, just like the old Toki.

With the new(and included) Toki Plug, seamlessly integrate it into any standard bong, providing a durable and aesthetic stainless steel alternative to traditional downstems that are fragile and get dirty easily.

With the pointy tip and TSA safe design, take the Toki out of your bong and with you on your adventures, creating unique bongs from everyday items anywhere in the world. The Toki is the ultimate stoner companion, insuring no matter where you go you will have a way to smoke that is discreet, not going to break, and safe to travel with. 

The Toki 2.0 delivers unmatched versatility and quality, ensuring a premium smoking experience wherever you are.


  • Durable Stainless Steel: Easy to clean and indestructible
  • Aesthetic and High Quality Downstem: Accepts all standard 14mm bowls and can be used as a normal downstem with the Toki Plug attachment
  • Portable and Versatile Design: TSA safe with a discreet carrying case, take the Toki on the go anywhere and you'll have unlimited pipes/b-ngs forever.
  • Complete Kit: Includes a cleaning tool for easy maintenance, a glass bowl, safety tip for the pointy end, and Toki Plug for your b-ngs at home.
  • 3 Color Options: Express your vibe with 3 different color variants, Forest Green, Glacier Blue, or Beach Orange.


  • Stainless steel and TSA safe Toki
  • Glass Bowl
  • Cleaning tool
  • Silicone safety tip
  • Flame Safe bong downstem adaptor

Experience the freedom to smoke anywhere, anytime with the Toki 2.0. Perfect for college students, travelers, and cannabis enthusiasts seeking a high-quality, unique smoking solution.


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