About Toki

We started in the dorms as your average stoners. Now we want to give you a new way to appreciate the flower. Check out our story!

2 best friends

2 Stoners and a Dream

We are two guys from completely different parts of the world who happened to meet in college, and who happened to have a love of flower. One of our first memories together was taking a huge edible and walking around campus together, and since then our friendship has blossomed into much more. Bud has been a big part of our lives, giving us inspiration, creative ideas, great memories, and more. We decided to take our passion and love for bud, and try to make a brand we can be proud of.

Where it all started

The First Toki

During our freshman year in college a huge winter storm came through Austin and forced all of us to shelter in place with the power going out and running water coming and going. While we had bud, we didn't have a way to smoke it at the time because glass can be expensive and we had been putting off buying a piece. What we did have was a metal straw, and we realized that we could poke it into a bottle to make a bong! While it didn't really work, it was the starting idea that led us to make Toki.

The Toki vision

Where We are Going

We want Toki to be a brand that focuses on fun, functionality and style. We see bud as a creative force on the world that has inspired so much art, music, and design, and we want to honor that heritage by making a brand that speaks to those values. While our main product is the Toki itself, we also sell apparel and plan to add more high quality, eco-conscious products to our shop, and continue to push what a high-quality and authentic maryjane brand can be. We appreciate you reading our story, now go look at our dope stuff!

Dope Stuff