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Unleash your inner explorer with the Toki, a revolutionary stainless steel device that turns the world into your personal sesh spot. From water bottles to fruits and more, the Toki transforms any hollow item into a vase, offering a fun twist to your normal experience. It's TSA-safe, making it the perfect travel companion for your next adventure. And when the day is done, its easy-to-clean design ensures you're ready for tomorrow's journey.

Each Toki comes with a

- 14mm glass bowl,

- Safety cap

- Travel case

So you're always prepared, wherever the road takes you!

To Use: take the silicone cap off of the pointy end and poke the Toki into the bottle/fruit of your choice. If done carefully the hole should be pretty tight, but if not you can simply put your finger underneath the stem and plug the hole to create the seal while you pull your hit. Toki works best on bottles/containers that are not extremely weak.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sasha Davis
Lifesaver for my roadtrip

Got this a month ago for a road trip and it worked perfectly as described! We got to make all sorts of bongs on the go with my friends and never had to clean any.

Alan Goff
Great for my trips

I travel a lot and this thing is perfect for me. I prefer using bongs and with this I pretty much have one where ever I want to go. If you like using bongs over other things I recommend it!

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