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DubCharge Volt - Advanced Wireless 510 Thread Battery

DubCharge Volt - Advanced Wireless 510 Thread Battery

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Introducing the Volt 510 Vape Battery from DubCharge– perfect for someone looking for a state-of-the-art battery. Packed with advanced features, this smooth and effective device is adapted for stoners who call for the best.

Dual Port/Wireless Charging: Embrace the future of comfort with the Volt's dual port and wireless charging. Charge effortlessly without the trouble of cables.

510 Thread Compatibility: The Volt easily connects to any 510 thread cartridge

650mAh Battery Power: Enjoy prolonged use without compromising on overall performance, ensuring your device keeps up with your on-the-go lifestyle.

15-Minute Auto-Shut-Off: Preserve battery with the Volt's 15-minute auto-shutoff function. 

Preheat/Sesh Mode: Elevate your vaping experience with the Volt's preheat/sesh mode. Double click the button to have the Volt start preheating your cartridge for the perfect hit.

Battery Life Indicator: Stay informed at a glance. 

20 Second Pulls: Immerse yourself in longer, extra enjoyable blinkers with the Volt's fantastic 20-second pull characteristic. Revel within the complete spectrum of flavors and effects from your preferred cartridges.

Pass-Through Charging: The Volt enables you to enjoy uninterrupted sessions whilst simultaneously powering up for endless pride.

Adjustable Voltage (1.8V - 5.0V): The Volt offers adjustable voltage settings from 1.8V to 5.0V, customize your heat level for your preferred experience.

Draw Counter: Keep tabs on your use with the draw counter function. Gain insights into your habits, allowing you to optimize your sessions and make knowledgeable choices about your intake.


Customer Reviews

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Didnt think it would be worth it

So i bought this for a friend as a 420 gift but I forgot to give it to him and I started using it for myself, gotta say this is a crazy good bat if you like hitting carts like i do. The wireless charging is way more useful than I thought, i just throw it on my charging pad whenever im home and it has never run otu of battery for me. Pretty expensive so I'd only recommend it if you are actually a cart smoker tho.

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